How to contract Amazon Prime in Latin America

How to contract Amazon Prime in Latin America

Gone are the years when Netflix it was the only option when it came to consuming content through home streaming. Although the company that commands Ted Sarandos knew how to redesign the way movies and series are seen today, today there are other platforms that went out to find a constantly expanding market. Among them, appears Amazon prime, which hand in hand with original products such as The Boys or the recent The Tomorrow War, of Chris Pratt, as well as iconic fictions like The Office.

In this context, it is important to know how much it costs to hire a service such as the one offered Amazon prime, to know if it can be added to those that already exist, or if, on the contrary, some of them must be prioritized. The company’s catalog of Jeff Bezos it is constantly expanding. One of the most recent reports published by Streaming Observer counted about 18 thousand titles, with the majority of films.

The main thing is to emphasize that, when subscribing to Amazon prime, you can enjoy a free month with access to all their titles. For this, a user must be created with an email and a credit or debit card must be attached to said profile from which payment will be made once the 30-day trial period has concluded. Of course, there is the possibility of canceling before this cycle is completed.

The value of the platform varies according to the currency of each Latin American country. For Chilean users, Amazon prime it will have a value of 3,500 pesos per month, for Colombians it will be 14,900, in Argentina it will be 523 and in Mexico it will be 99 pesos. Access includes the ability to activate three devices, two of which will be able to view the same content simultaneously. In addition, the service offers the possibility of downloading the titles on some devices such as cell phones or tablets, to be able to view them offline.

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The point to be corrected by Amazon Prime Video

While the value of Amazon Prime Video is quite similar to Netflix, which for a similar service in Argentina has a price of around 459 pesos, the difference is in the content. The platform managed to differentiate itself with original content that gave the note, such as the aforementioned case of The Boys o de Invincible, which served to refresh a genre as portrayed as superheroes. Also, there are classics like Heat, Jurassic Park O Cast Away, weight titles like Gone Girl of David Fincher, and fairly recent premieres of the stature of Knives Out.

This is what the platform interface looks like. Source: (Amazon Prime)

The great problem that he is going through today Prime Video is that of the interface, a dilemma that plagues all platforms that still cannot approach the comfort level of Netflix. In the case of Amazon, issues such as titles that are not in all languages ​​(not even the original), repeated titles, and movies that can only be accessed by typing the exact name with which they were loaded were recorded.


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