How to convert a WhatsApp voice message to text

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It has done nothing more than start the month of September and there are already many new features that WhastApp would be working on to incorporate new functions to the famous messaging application. We have seen how those of Mark Zuckerberg would be developing new functions to hide certain private data, designing the new reactions and bubbles, backup copies for the chats in an encrypted way in the cloud, transfer the chats from Android to the iPhone or the possibility of converting the voice memos to text. Functions that will be coming to the app over the next few weeks or months, but in some cases, there are certain functions that we can easily add before they arrive. We refer to that of be able to translate voice messages to text on WhatsApp.

The truth is that on many occasions it can be much more comfortable for us to send an audio from WhatsApp than a written message, however, for those who receive it, it may not always be the best option. Surely on more than one occasion we have received a voice message through WhatsApp but we were in a meeting, we could not hear it or we did not want someone around us to be able to hear it.

In this case, we have no choice but to wait for to be able to listen to it in the moment that we can, unless we translate or convert the voice message to text and we can read it as if it were a text message.

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Steps to follow to translate a WhatsApp audio to text

Although WhatsApp would already be developing this function, we do not know how long it may take to reach the famous messaging app, however, it is a function that we can easily add using an application such as Transcriber for WhatsApp O Audio to Text para WhatsApp, available for Android and iOS devices respectively completely free.

Two applications that work almost identically, although the big difference is that Transcriber for WhatsApp is available for free, while Audio to Text for WhatsApp is priced at € 0.99 in the Apple Store.

With either of the two apps installed on our phone, all we have to do to translate a voice message to text is the following:

  • · We select the voice message clicking on it continuously.
  • We deploy the menu by WhatsApp.
  • We select the option Share.
  • We choose the app corresponding to the list that is offered to us.
  • We select the option to convert and we will automatically see the message converted to text.

In the case of the Android app, we will have to deal with the typical advertising that is shown through the app as it is available on Google Play for free.


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