How to Convert Your MOV to MP4 Videos for Free

MOV is actually a commonly used video format, you can find it as the default video format of Apple devices, like iPhone and iPad; and DJI Drone, Canon, GoPro, and other cameras. Videos in MOV format are always in high resolution, that’s why they are so popular among professionals. However, due to codec incompatibility and other issues, MOV files can easily run into problems during playback. To solve such problems, the best way is to convert MOV files to another video format; MP4, for example, it’s much more accepted by media programs.

Why convert MOV to MP4

1. MOV files are not supported by many kinds of devices.

Though MOV is widely used nowadays, there are still lots of devices and platforms that do not support MOV files, you can’t play MOV videos on Android. If you are a professional editor, you may find that there are many problems when importing the MOV files in Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and DaVinci Resolve 17.

2. MOV files are prone to encountering playback errors.

Due to codec incompatibility, MOV playback sometimes could be freezing and choppy, video and audio out of sync, or no sound. 

3. MOV files are taking up large file sizes

With the high solution up to 4K and even 8K, it makes MOV files storage and uploading troublesome. For those users who are running out of computer memory, MOV files are consuming their storage.

How to convert MOV to MP4

There are a variety of video converters in the market, including online tools and desktop software. WinX Video Converter is the best one of them.

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Thanks to the level-3 hardware acceleration, this program delivers the NO.1 fast processing speed. The GPU-accelerated transcoder helps convert MOV to MP4 format smoothly with 47X faster than others. It supports converting MOV files to MP4, MKV, AVC, M4V, WebM, FLV, and other devices like Apple, Android, Sony PS, etc. For those large-size video files, this tool can help resize them by up to 90%, and no quality loss at all. What’s more, it’s not only a video converter and compressor; the built-in video editor allows users to trim, crop, set video parameters. Users can also add an external SRT subtitle file to the video. 

WinX Video Converter is extremely friendly to users. No matter you are a professional or a newbie, you can easily use it to convert videos. 

There are only 3 steps you need to take: 

Step 1: Launch WinX Video Converter on your desktop, then upload your source MOV file. You can click here to get this all-in-one video converter free now.

Step 2: Select MP4 in the output profile choosing windows.

Step 3: Click the “Run” button to convert MOV files to MP4 video.

In a word, if you’re looking for a perfect solution to fix MOV files playback errors, an all-in-one video converter is definitely your best choice. 

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