How to create a folder in Telegram

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Telegram is one of the most powerful messaging applications of the moment. Follow WhatsApp closely and it has some functions that for many are essential and unique. Crowd groups, for example, are one of those unique characteristics as are the folders in which chats can be saved. We will tell you how you can create them so that you give them all the possible use.

What are Telegram folders

If you are a computer user, you will know that to group several files that are related, it is best to save them in a folder. This is essential for your organization, but the best part is that this type of distribution also carries over to messaging applications. Specifically we talk about Telegram and its folders, which you can use to save chats based on certain rules.

How to create a Telegram folder

The process of creating a Telegram folder is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps to achieve it and a division will automatically be created for you with the rules that you have indicated yourself. Just do the following:

  • Open Telegram
  • Touch the three lines in the upper left
  • Select Settings
  • Go to Folders
  • Click on Create a new folder

This will be the management center for this section, from which you can adjust all the parameters of the function. Once you have reached this point, you must give a name to the new folder that you have generated. Then you must choose the chats that this new folder will include, which will include the groups, bots, channels you want. You still have one thing to do and that is to choose those chats that are left out of this folder temporarily or permanently. For this you have to do the following

  • Go to Remove chats inside the folder
  • Select Muted to not show messages from muted users or groups
  • Select read so that, once the pending messages are read, they disappear.

Don’t worry about the latter, as as soon as you have new content to read, it will appear in the available folders section. On the other hand, and whenever you want to get rid of this type of differentiation, you will have in the folder options


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