How to create a list of places to visit on Google Maps

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Google Maps It is not just a simple application that serves to guide you when you do not know how to get to a certain place; It also has numerous tools such as: letting you know if the bus is full and thus avoiding the spread of COVID-19, knowing how much distance in kilometers there is from one point to another, checking the places you have visited in a day, etc. This time we will teach you a trick to create a list with the places you plan to visit in the future.

With Google Maps you can know where you are in the world, if you are near a restaurant, bank, square, bridge, etc., if there is traffic on your route, among other things. In addition, it has the “Google Street” tool which will allow you to walk through the streets through a 3D version, it means that you will see the city as it is shown in real life and thus locate a place more easily.

If you plan to go on a trip to another department or perhaps to another country, surely you have been looking online at the places you will visit anyway, therefore, Google Maps It has the ‘List’ tool so that you can save all the sites you want to visit, also, you will have the opportunity to divide it into groups, for example: you can call France to a list and you will save all places such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, the Louvre Museum, etc.

Done, that would be it. To enter this list you just have to click on ‘Saved’ and in the ‘Your lists’ section all the ones you have created will appear. Clicking Google Maps will show you all the places that you have added over time and that you plan to visit.

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Recently Google Maps added a new tool that will alert you if a bus or stop is crowded with people, this with the aim of avoiding the contagion and spread of COVID-19, it is also useful for you to decide on an alternative route. Know all the details of this tool in the following note.

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