How to Create a Spotify Blend List with a Friend Who Likes Your Music

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Recently Spotify announced the expansion of the function that allows you to create Fusion lists or merge Spotify playlists between two users. An option already available in our country and that perhaps, there are still many users who are not aware of it or do not know how to take full advantage of it. Next, we are going to show how to merge Spotify lists with one of your friends with whom you share same musical tastes.

The function could not be more useful when what we want is to be able to share different songs with a friend or family member who likes the same type of music as we do. In this way, we can have a list that we can feed content by the two to be able to enjoy the songs that we add and those that our brother, cousin, partner, friend, etc …

Steps to follow to create a merge list on Spotify

To create a Fusion list, the first thing we have to do is open the Spotify app on our mobile phone. Once this is done, we touch on the magnifying glass icon that appears at the bottom of the screen and that we usually use to search for new artists or songs. Next, we must look for the section Specially for you.

Once we locate it, we touch on it and in the next step, we must look at the section music for dos. There we will initially find a square with a symbol “+” that allows us to create the Fusion list in Spotify. Therefore, we touch on said button and immediately we will be asked to invite our friend. At this moment, we must click on the button Invitation and choose the method by which we want to share this invitation with our friend. For example, it is possible to send it to you by WhatsApp.

This will cause that person to receive a link to join our invitation. By clicking on that same link, our friend will be able to join the Fusion list and we will have everything ready to start sharing all the music that we are both passionate about.

Automatically Spotify will create the list and we can add songs with total ease. This list will appear in the Music for two section, in the Especially for you section. In addition, it is a playlist that we can also share with other friends so that you can listen to it, they will not be able to add new songs, since this is something that can only do your friend and you.


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