How to delete your TikTok account

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Surely you know TikTok, the fashion app that has even appeared as sponsors of some sporting events. It is difficult not to know it, especially since most of the challenges that young people want to imitate when recording themselves with their mobile appear here. But at some point it may be time to say ‘vast’ and you want to delete your TikTok account. We tell you how to achieve it quickly and easily.

Goodbye to your account and your videos

This seems logical, but some may think that when deleting your TikTok account the videos are kept in case you ever come back. But this is not the case since if you say goodbye to the profile of the social network, you will also say goodbye to all the content that it stores inside. And we tell you this before starting the procedures, since you may be interested in keeping your account active even if you don’t use it.

Now yes, how to delete your TikTok account

Now that you know what you expose yourself to with the deletion of your TikTok account We will tell you how to eliminate it. You have two methods to achieve it and it depends on the platform on which you use the application. And it is that you can delete your account of the Chinese social network both from your computer and from the app of your smartphone. We will start with the PC version, where the procedure is very simple:

  1. Enter TikTok from your browser
  2. Select your profile picture
  3. Hit Settings
  4. Go to the Manage Account section
  5. You will see the Delete account section

Here you will see a preventive message that will inform you of what happens when you press the button. It basically tells you that for 30 days after deleting your TikTok account it will be deactivated and no one will see it. During this time you can go back and recover your account and your videos will still be there, but on the 31st all your data will be permanently deleted. The same happens in the mobile version, for which you must follow the following steps:

  1. Press the Me icon
  2. Press the three dots icon (…) in the upper right corner
  3. Tap Manage account> Remove account
  4. Follow the application instructions to delete the account

As in the browser version, you will have the same message that will give you the 30-day notice, so you will always have another option if you regret the decision to delete your TikTok account


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