How to download CaixaBank Sign on Android and iOS; operation and first steps

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Yesterday at 3:00 pm, the gigantic process of migrating data from Bankia customers – a total of 7.6 million and 10.4 PetaBytes of information – to CaixaBank’s servers began. And tomorrow, Sunday 14, will be when Bankia’s mobile application will officially cease to be operational, so its users will have to switch to CaixaBankNow’s. But you also need another app: Caixabank Sign.

CaixaBank Sign, transaction validator

Here we tell you how to download and log in to CaixaBankNow, being the main advantage the fact that your identifier and password will not change, so you can use the ones you had in the Bankia application. But for extra security reasons, To authorize certain operations, such as transfers, transfers, etc., you need to use the CaixaBank Sign, CaixaBank’s mobile signature app.

A kind of validation tool that adds an extra security to your online operations – and that comes to replace the physical card of numeric keys that we used before.

How to configure CaixaBank Sign:

  1. The first thing you should do is download it according to your mobile be Android or have a iPhone iOS
  2. After installing, open it
  3. Enter your access codes to CaixaBank Now.
  4. Validate access with your coordinate card (if you still have it) or your activation code.
  5. Finish the process with the key that CaixaBankNow will send you by SMS.
  6. Remember that your CaixaBank Now user it can only be configured on a mobile device.

Now, when you are going to carry out an operation through the CaixabankNow service via the web or the application of the same name, to confirm it you will have to open the CaixaBank Sign app and validate it. But remember that the Sign app will always ask you for your CaixaBankNow access PIN to confirm that it is you.

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