How to download CaixaBankNow on Android and iOS; operation and first steps

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Yesterday at 3:00 pm, the gigantic process of migrating data from Bankia customers – a total of 7.6 million and 10.4 PetaBytes of information – to CaixaBank’s servers began. And tomorrow, Sunday 14, will be when Bankia’s mobile application will officially cease to be operational, so its users will have to switch to CaixaBankNow’s.

How the CaixaBankNow app works

The first thing you should know is that you will be able to access CaixaBankNow “with the same credentials that you use to access Bankia’s digital banking. Your identifier and password will not change ”. Although to authorize certain operations, such as transfers, transfers, etc., you will need to download the CaixaBank Sign app, CaixaBank’s mobile signature app.

But first let’s focus on CaixaBankNow:

To log in to the app

  1. The first thing you should do is download it according to your mobile be Android or have a iPhone iOS
  2. After installing, open it
  3. Log in with the same credentials that you used in the Bankia app.

To sign up for the CaixaBankNow service

  1. Sign in with your identity document and your CaixaBank card
  2. Introduce the code that you will receive on your mobile
  3. Define your access setting a strong password
  4. Confirm that everything is correct, and start using the CaixaBankNow service

What can I do from the CaixaBankNow app?

  • Consult all your products and all the information you need to manage your finances in the same space: accounts, credit cards, debit cards, receipts, loans …
  • Ask Neo, your virtual assistant, by voice or text: A chatbot that will help you find what you cannot find.
  • Configure shortcuts to those functionalities most important to you. You can immediately access transfers, payment of taxes, receipts, make a Bizum, etc.
  • All the hiring options in the same space. Do you need to request money? Save and meet your goals? or invest money?
  • Check your account balance without opening the app, from your smartwatch or from your mobile widget.
  • With the CaixaBankNow app you can now send free money to any mobile number through Bizum.
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