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How to easily hide photos received on WhatsApp from your gallery app

WhatsApp has become a household name when it comes to messaging apps. It has a plethora of secret features that make the messaging experience even more exciting. For instance, WhatsApp offers a tool to blur photos before sending them and the ability to send giant emojis like hearts. Did you know that there’s a trick to prevent downloaded photos from appearing in your Gallery?

It does not require any third-party program or hiding folders from internal storage settings. The following steps will guide you on how to prevent WhatsApp photos from appearing in your phone’s gallery.

First, open WhatsApp and select the photo whose visibility you want to disable. Now go to your smartphone’s Settings and select “Chats.” Under Chats, select “Visibility of multimedia files.” This is the button that allows you to deactivate the visibility of WhatsApp photos on your gallery.

If you activate this tab, the photos you receive in WhatsApp will be visible in your Gallery. On the other hand, if you disable it, they will no longer be seen automatically. Once you have disabled the tab, the folder containing the images that were sent to you via WhatsApp will no longer appear in your Gallery. However, the images will still be stored in your WhatsApp conversations and can be accessed anytime.

WhatsApp is constantly updating and improving, so you can expect even more exciting features in the future. To explore more ways to enhance your WhatsApp experience, continue to check out Mag for new tips, tools, and shortcuts.

In conclusion, prevent yourself from embarrassment or save some space on your Gallery by following these simple steps to prevent WhatsApp photos from appearing in your gallery. Try it out now and enjoy a clutter-free gallery!

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