How to enlarge the icons on your iPad screen

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How to enlarge the icons on your iPad screen

A big screen on a mobile device is needed for work and other entertainment chores. It is true that mobile phones already have a considerable size, but there is no doubt that where it is most enjoyed is on a tablet. In a computer you have great power, but when it comes to taking it everywhere, tablets are lighter and more manageable. But for some they need to get more out of that screen and if you have an iPad we will teach you to enlarge the icons on your screen.

How to enlarge the icons on the iPad screen

It is possible that with a large screen you can see better. The elements look wider, so there would be no problems in their visualization. But it never hurts to have everything clear and in sight despite everything. Therefore, we are going to show you how to enlarge the icons on the screen of your iPad. It is a simple procedure that will help everyone to improve the usability of the device.

  • Next we are going to tell you the steps you need to follow:
  • Enter Settings
  • Follow the Home screen and Dock section
  • Choose the option ‘Larger’

With this you will increase the size of the icons within the screen. You will lose space, but you will gain in visualization. However, this does not mean that other important sections of the system also increase in size and we are talking about the letters. For this we must follow a different route that is in a different section.

How to increase font size on iPad

Changing the size of the icons on your iPad is not the only thing you need to have all the display sections of the tablet. The font is another important section and to increase it you have two ways to get it. The good thing is that the two options are within the same options section, so we are just going to move you from the place where we are going to direct you:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Display and brightness

From here there are two paths. The first is to choose the size of the letter, which is the option located at the end of the whole. Afterwards, you should choose the right size for you on a gauge as long as you move the point to the right. The other point to modify is the use of bold, which can be standard if you select the characteristic placed just below the one we mentioned before.


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