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How to Find a Nearby AirTag With Your iPhone

Privacy Concerns with AirTags

With the arrival of AirTags, privacy concerns have surfaced around these devices. Although incredibly useful for keeping track of your belongings, they can also be used to track someone without their knowledge. The Bluesleuth device detects signals from hidden AirTags, making it a solution to this problem.

AirTags – A Product for Apple Users

Apple users have celebrated the arrival of AirTags, which allows them to easily locate their belongings. However, the product is exclusive to Apple, and Android users would not receive an alert if they possess an AirTag that is not theirs. This makes it easy to follow someone who does not have an Apple device.

BlueSleuth Lite – A Solution for Security-conscious Users

Fortunately, there are users committed to security who have developed the BlueSleuth Lite. This device detects tiles and geolocation devices that don’t belong to the user, making it easy to detect any unwanted surveillance. Although it has a short battery life of a day, it ensures that no one is following you.

Crowdfunding for BlueSleuth Lite

The BlueSleuth Lite is a project that is being financed on Kickstarter. The device can detect all kinds of electronic tags, including GPS-based ones. It is priced at €500 for interested buyers.

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