How to find the Loch Ness monster that ‘lives’ on Google Maps

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Google we are used to introducing some easter eggs O Easter eggs in some of your services or applications from time to time. Well, one of those that we can find now has to do with the famous loch ness monster and the we can find it on Google Maps.


Although the oldest reference to a mysterious creature in the river and Loch Ness is a text from the 7th century, the first modern description is from 1868. It is an article published in the Inverness Courir, where reference is made to rumors about the existence of a huge fish or other creature who lives in the depths of the waters.

Since then, there have been many publications and stories that claim to have seen a huge animal prowling and submerging in the waters of Loch Ness, located in Scotland. Correspondents from all over the world have come to the famous lake during all this time and there are many testimonies that claim to have seen the famous monster.

The Loch Ness monster within Google Maps

Either way, this strange creature, real or not, has had a huge impact on the local economy. And it is that the Loch Ness monster has become quite a landmark of UK and Scottish culture. So much so, that Google itself has decided to include a funny cartoon of the Nessie in Google Maps.

In order to see her and activate Nessie do this:

1- Open Google Maps from a browser on the desktop

2- Look for the lago Ness

3- Next you will see how in the lower right part of the screen appears the loch ness monster cartoon replacing the well-known icon of a little man that we can place anywhere on the map to activate Street View mode.

It is possible to click on the cartoon and drag it to any point on the map that we want to explore. As soon as you do this, the Street View way and we will see how the Loch Ness monster is displayed in the bottom left window to indicate the exact point on the map that is being displayed.

Of course, as we scroll in Street View mode, we will see how the cartoon also moves around the map which is shown in miniature by taking steps in the lower left part as it happens with the default doll that Google uses in the Street View of Maps.


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