How to find your mouse in Windows 10

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Using a computer is very simple. With knowing how to press the buttons on the keyboard to articulate words and the mouse to select icons and programs, the rest is getting used to their use. But even the simplest can be difficult, such as losing sight of the mouse in Windows 10. Has it ever happened to you? We help you solve this little big problem.

How to find the mouse in Windows 10

Microsoft has in its possession some of the most popular programs in the world of computing. Office applications are well known and I am sure that you have ever used the Office suite in the same way as your operating system. But sometimes you might miss the usar Windows 10 as far as finding the pointer is concerned. This is a more common problem than it seems and everything can change due to an aesthetic issue.

One of the solutions is simple: change the theme of your desktop or application. The mouse pointer is white, so if the background is black, it won’t be difficult to find an object of a different color. Another thing to keep in mind is the speed at which the mouse moves. To know this you must follow the following route:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Devices
  • In Mouse select the Mouse speed option
  • Set it to the speed you prefer.
  • Use accessibility options

In Accessibility of Windows 10 settings you have an option to make the pointer bigger. Within the mouse option you have an option to configure the pointer to change color depending on the color. On the other hand, among the Mouse Options that we mentioned before, we give you another trick that has to do with pressing the additional mouse options. From there you can put the pointer options and activate two options.

One of them is the stele, which you can use to stretch it as much as possible and not lose sight of it. The other option has to do with pressing the key Ctrl to locate the pointer. This will make waves that will help you know where your mouse is in Windows 10.


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