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How to Format Messages in WhatsApp Group Chats


WhatsApp continues to innovate and add new features to its instant messaging platform. The latest addition to the app is the feature that allows you to align all your group conversations, so that the chat does not look messy and disorganized.

Previously, messages were aligned to the right and left, with users’ messages shifting to the right and their contacts’ messages to the left. The alignment of messages is now produced by the implementation of the shortcut to the profile picture of added and non-added users in the group chat.

If you haven’t received the update yet, you can download the WhatsApp Beta to get access to the new feature. Here’s how to get it:

1. Check that WhatsApp doesn’t have any pending updates.
2. Enter a group conversation where you’ve sent messages. The message alignment feature will be automatically enabled after the update. If you don’t see it, download the WhatsApp Beta for Android.
3. Enter the Google Play Store and search for the WhatsApp application. Press on the first app that appears and scroll down to touch the option, “Become a beta tester”. If you don’t see it, access this link and press the “Become a tester” button.
4. Accept the conditions and wait for the download of WhatsApp Beta to start.
5. Open WhatsApp Beta and enter a group to get centered message alignment.

In addition to this new feature, WhatsApp is constantly evolving and updating its platform with new shortcuts, codes, and tools.

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