How to generate a QR code with the bank’s app to collect the Christmas Lottery?

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It is the 22nd, the 2021 Christmas Lottery draw has ended and you have won a prize. You are euphoric because money is always good, and even more so at this time. Now you can go to the Bank to collect it, or, if it is a prize of 2,000 euros or less, you can go to the Lottery administration and have it paid quickly through Bizum. But how?

Generate a QR with Bizum

Using Bizum allows you to pay your bets quickly and safely, avoiding the handling of cash. You can make payments of any amount. In addition, you can collect your prizes of up to € 2,000 directly from your bank account, which avoids cash management and the need to subsequently deposit the money received.

To be able to make bet payments and receive prizes with Bizum, you will have to generate the QR Bizum in your banking application or in the Bizum App, a code that allows you to identify yourself as a user when starting the operation.

The QR Bizum is a dynamic code, that is, a different code is generated for each operation and it is only valid for one operation. In addition, it will have a validity period, which will never exceed 15 minutes, after which it will expire and you will have to generate another.

How to generate a QR Bizum from your bank’s app

You can generate the QR Bizum from the application of your bank, with which you are registered in Bizum, or by accessing the Bizum App:

  1. In the first case, you will have to go to the Bizum section of the banking app and select the option “QR Bizum“; A QR code will be generated that you can use to start the operation.
  2. In the case of using the Bizum App, you will have to go to the section Settings, within which you will find the option “QR Bizum”.
  3. You can access the QR Bizum more quickly bringing your unlocked mobile closer to the stickers that you will find on the glass of the counter of some administrations.
  4. Thanks to NFC technology, you will receive a notification to open your banking application or the Bizum App. After authentication, the application will take you directly to the QR Bizum section, reducing access time.
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