How to Get Hired at Your Dream Company with SkillHub

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How to Get Hired at Your Dream Company with SkillHub

A lot of job seekers and career experts talk about a dream job. But research shows that it’s a dream company that matters the most. On average, people who work for their dream employer have 41% higher job satisfaction compared to those who have their dream job. Impressive, right?

So it’s no wonder many job seekers prioritize landing a job with their dream employer over other career opportunities. If you’re one of them, follow our tips to maximize your chances. But first, make sure that you aren’t delusional and that your desired organization lives up to the image you have in your head.

What Makes a Dream Company

To ensure that the company you consider your ideal employer deserves the title, analyze what makes you think of it this way. At the very least, they should include the following:

  • A positive work culture. There are a lot of components in work culture. Does the employer respect its employees’ work-life balance? Is its internal communication well-functioning enough? What about the transparency of decision-making?
  • Great money and employee benefits. Disregarding money when considering one’s desired employer is a privilege few employees can afford. Don’t think of a company as your dream employer unless you know it meets your expectations regarding salary and employee benefits.
  • Ample growth opportunities. It doesn’t deserve such high praise unless you can see a clear direction for further career growth within your desired company.
  • It’s simply the company you’ve always envisioned yourself working at. Finally, intangible things affect employees’ commitment to a particular employer. Whatever they are, don’t let them overshadow the more concrete, tangible factors.

What to Do to Land a Job at Your Dream Company

Once you’re 100% confident that the employer your think of as your dream company deserves it, it’s time to focus on getting your foot in the door. Research shows that only 10% of job seekers are at their desired organization. But if you do everything right, your chances of joining them will grow tenfold.

Make Sure Your Job Application is Exceptional

A stellar job application is one thing that can help one get a job at their desired company. If possible, hire a federal resume services so that your resume and LinkedIn profile are ATS-friendly and present your skills in the best light. Professional help with a cover letter is also a good idea because every recruiter appreciates a personal touch that only a cover letter can add.


Aside from a professionally written resume and LinkedIn profile, active networking is probably the most important step toward your goal. More often than not, it’s less about what a job seeker is capable of and more about who can vouch for them. Networking, including LinkedIn networking, can help with that.

Reach Out to People

Most job seekers fear contacting recruiters, hiring managers, and potentially helpful people unless they know them. But recruiter surveys show they appreciate candidates who aren’t afraid to reach out first. So make the most of LinkedIn’s opportunities and make valuable connections. They can change the course of your entire career.

Join Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and meet people who already work for one’s dream employer. Nothing connects people better than shared interests and experiences. What’s more, recruiters regularly monitor such groups, so you have a chance of getting noticed by the right person.

Post and Engage with Content

Post high-quality content on LinkedIn at least once a week. And never miss out on an opportunity to engage with your colleagues’ posts. You never know who might notice your informative post or insightful comment. It might be someone who works for your desired employer, and they might recommend you to the right person.

Come to the Interview Prepared

To ensure that a job at your dream company doesn’t slip through your fingers, don’t underestimate the importance of interview preparation. Research the company (even if it feels like you already know everything about it), practice answer to common interview questions and think of a few questions to ask the job interviewer yourself.

Don’t Cut Off Opportunities

Finally, don’t let the chase after your dream company blind you to other exceptional job opportunities. As sabatagol from Reddit describes in their post, it’s not uncommon to face a dilemma between a chance at your dream company and an actual (and very appealing) offer from a different employer. The former isn’t always the better option.

To Sum Up

Working at one’s dream company is inspiring and essential for high job satisfaction. But to get to enjoy this, you need to do the work. It includes investing in a stellar job application, actively networking, and preparing for the interview thoroughly. Google Skillhub if you need professional help with your resume and LinkedIn profile and helpful advice on the entire hiring process.


Does a resume really matter?

It does. It’s a ticket to an interview; without it, you’ll never get to convince a hiring manager who works for your desired employer of how great of a fit you are. Also, unless a resume is ATS optimized, recruiters won’t even see it, which means a candidate will never hear back and get an invite.

Is it okay to text people you don’t know on LinkedIn?

As long as you keep things respectful and professional, reaching out to potential work contacts on LinkedIn is more than okay. Being contacted this way makes people feel important, which is a pleasant ego boost.

What to do if your dream company has disappointed you?

This happens quite often. If you’ve realized your dream company doesn’t deserve the title, don’t hesitate to leave it and keep looking. Sooner or later, you’ll find the right employer, and it won’t matter that it wasn’t your desired initial organization.

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