How to get the nuclear bomb in CoD Black Ops Cold War; uses and requirements

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War receives the nuclear bomb as a secret casualty streak. Popular with veterans of the saga, you can unlock from now on in any multiplayer game mode, except in the League, Combined Arms, Gunfight and Party Games lists.

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The nuclear bomb comes to Black Ops Cold War: requirements

The first time we saw the nuclear bomb in Black Ops Cold War it was during the special list of the 80s Action Heroes event. Die Hard Spot allowed you to raze the map once you reached 30 chained kills without dying. After still available in its variant without the movie name, Treyarch now enables it in multiplayer.

To obtain the you must kill 30 enemies in a single life. When you complete it, the streak will be added to your inventory. Being secret, it does not count in the base streak slots, but is a special tablet as a reward for achieving that milestone in the game. You will know that you have it because the warning will be indicated on the screen like any other that you have achieved.

Until now we thought that the nuclear bomb it would fulfill its historical use, that is, when using it, the game would end in favor of the team that managed to throw it away. However, here it will only wipe all players off the map … and then reappear and continue with the same marker.

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Given the change, Treyarch he had to explain what it really consisted of: “To clarify: The nuke will NOT automatically end the game in respawn modes, but it will wipe out all players when detonated in all modes.”

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