How to Google a song by humming the melody

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Google is a web browser that is dedicated to providing Internet search services, this application has infinities of mysteries and functions that to date its millions of netizens continue to discover. One of them is to be able to find a song by humming it when we do not remember the name of the artist or band that sings it.

We have all gone through a similar situation, and the truth is that it is quite frustrating when we cannot find the name of a song, usually this happens because we listen to it in English or in any other language that we do not understand. In these cases Google saw an urgent need and decided to add a tool to solve this problem.

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We find this function in Google Discover through the Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that has been developed with artificial intelligence and which is complemented by a machine learning algorithm. This manages to convert the hum or whistle into a numerical sequence to find the song to look for.


Enter Google Discover, be careful not to confuse with Google Chrome. The application will open with the news section and the one searched will appear above with the icon of a microphone and a camera, we select the first one. Now a new tab will open with the word ” Listening ”, but we have to press the option below“ Search for a song ”. The message“ Play, sing or hum a song ”will appear, you can even whistle. When you have hummed for at least 15 seconds, Google will give us the results search.

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This is how simple you can search for a music currently. It is important to clarify that this function is only available for mobile phones with Android operating system; likewise, you will not have the need to download additional applications that take up storage space or request access to your microphone.

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