How to hide a reply on Twitter

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Although Twitter can be a fun and great place to socialize online, the social network has become famous for also being a veritable cesspool of bad faith discussions and verbal abuse in which moderation is impossible to fix anymore.

Fortunately, Twitter has a few tools to help this, one of which is the ability to hide replies to your tweets.

How to hide a reply on Twitter

Introduced in 2019, the function of hiding replies from Twitter allows you to moderate your profile a little, removing bad vibes and troll replies from sight in the reply chain to your tweet. To be clear, hiding a reply doesn’t completely remove it, but it hides it so it’s not immediately visible to anyone reading the original tweet. For it:

  1. Abre Twitter
  2. Click or tap the tweet that the spam reply responds to
  3. Scroll to the answer you want to hide and tap the button ‘…’ in the upper right corner. An options menu will open
  4. From the menu, select “Hide answer”
  5. If this is the first time you have hidden an answer, it is possible that alooks like a pop-up window explaining what it means to hide answers and you are offered a link for more information. You may also see a pop-up window asking you if you also want to block the person whose message you are hiding, something you should take into account, especially if it is a repeat offender. If it’s a group of different users, you can also limit who responds to your tweet.

Once hidden, the reply will no longer appear among the replies to your tweet, but will instead be moved to a separate page. Anyone who wants to see the tweets you have hidden can do so, but will have to take the additional step of clicking on the dotted square icon in the lower right corner of the original tweet.

You can also unhide tweets by clicking on the square dotted icon, pressing the button ‘…’ next to the tweet you want to unhide and selecting “Unhide answer”.


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