How to hide my house in Google Maps so that it does not appear in Street View

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When Google activated Google Maps at the beginning of the century, many, many of us did that of opening and looking for our house – and hallucinating when we saw the roof when we zoomed in and maybe even the car parked outside. Then came the Street View, the view at street level, and we verified that it was possible to see even the portal or the house from outside, and on top of it explore the street with a 360-degree view.

But, isn’t it a bit dizzying to know that someone who knows your address can go into Maps and see the street and the portal perfectly?

Hide my house on Google Maps

Did you know that if you want, you can ask Google to hide your house so that it appears blurred / blurred on Google Maps when someone searches for it? In fact, it is not only the house that you can request. To do this, do the following:


  1. Abre Google Maps in a web browser
  2. Look for your house, and when you have it located, click Street view / Street View
  3. Look at the top left, do you see the box that indicates the address of the place itself? Hit the icon of the 3 points vertically.
  4. Search among the options and hit Report Problem
  5. Now a page will open for you to fill in several sections.
  6. The first thing that comes out is the preview of the image in which you gave it to report, so that adjust focus exactly in the part of the image that you want to blur / erase.
  7. Then the reason for why do you want the image to blur, divided into several options – you can request that a face, your house, your car be blurred if it appears in the image, only the license plate of this or other objects.
  8. After choosing the options, you will have to put your email, sign a reCAPTCHA verification and send it.
  9. Google AnalyticsHe will make your request and communicate the result to you.
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