How to import your WhatsApp chats to WhatsApp Plus 17.00 Heymods

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WhatsApp is one of the applications that many users use to be able to chat with their contacts. The vast majority of people are in the app; However, it does not provide some functions that several demand from the Facebook company, such as changing the color, modifying the call background, activating messages that self-destruct, among others.

It is for this reason that some users, despite the risks that this entails, such as banning your account, resort to WhatsApp Plus. Through it you can also chat with your friends, but the experience will be totally different.

In WhatsApp Plus You can change the theme of the entire platform in the style of Telegram, as well as decorate the wallpaper or the bubbles of your group chats to your liking.

Nowadays WhatsApp Plus It is in version 17.00 which, although it corrects several errors that its previous APK, also has a number of disadvantages, such as the fact that your chats will not be completely safe and third parties can see them. But the biggest problem that many have encountered is that you cannot import your original WhatsApp chats.

If you installed WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone and you could not import your original WhatsApp chats, so these are all the steps you must take to do it successfully:

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