How to jungle in Pokémon Unite: guide and tips to do it correctly

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In Pokémon Unite (and the rest of MOBAs), the Jungle is an area of ​​the playing field between lanes occupied by neutral enemies. In most strategies, it is common for at least one of the players to farm this area to take advantage of the experience and possibilities available.

That is why it is so important that you know how to jungle in Pokémon Unite correctly, and we will try to help you.

The Pokémon that usually fulfill the function of jungle in Pokémon Unite are usually attacking and fast Pokémon, which have an approximate power level of 5. Zeraora, Cinderace, Gengar and Lucario are some of the best options, but don’t be afraid to experiment in this regard or adapt to other needs of the team.

How to jungle in Pokémon Unite

Step by Step, We show you how to jungle in Pokémon Unite so that you do it correctly, although the best thing is that you practice without stopping.

At the beginning of each game there are five Pokémon that you must defeat in the jungle before making any move on the map: Lillipup, Ludicolo, Bouffalant and Corphish.

Lilipup will be the only Pokémon that appears at first, and it is best that you use some fast-forward or dodge ability to reach it as soon as possible. When you are done with him, focus your attention on Ludicolo, who once defeated will gift you with a Purple Aura (Purple Aura), which allows you to inflict more damage to the enemies of the jungle. Use this power-up to quickly defeat Bouffalant and then head over to the two Corpish that appear on the right side of the jungle.

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By defeating all these Pokémon you should reach level 5 and be ready to go into battle. (Although if your team needs you you can go to level 4).

Use your skills effectively

If you are a Pokemon with a movement ability, like Lucario, you will always want to have your ability ready when you move between fields. Learning the optimal times is something that comes with experience, but generally try to align the use of your Dash ability when the Pokemon you are fighting is around half health.

Pay attention to how long it takes to kill each Pokémon to know how to take advantage of the cooldowns and waiting times of the skills, here you have to play and play to perfect.

Pay attention to the lanes

Your goal when jungle in Pokémon Unite is to eliminate all Pokémon as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your team. If the enemy jungler enters the lane before you, it can turn the tide of the game, so you may have to do the same to avoid it.

Make the most of your time

It’s easy to get distracted thinking about what to do next and end up doing nothing. If you find yourself standing in the lane waiting for the enemy to approach, this is probably the time when you could go in and out of the jungle to get more experience. Exit the lane to defeat nearby pokemon while the enemy does not threaten your area it may be what earns you an extra level just in time for a great team fight. But nevertheless, make sure to always stay close enough to help your team defend if necessary. Keep one of your Dash abilities or your Eject Button off cooldown just in case.

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You can also dive into the enemy jungle and check if you can find them there. Maybe the enemy laner is in the jungle at half his health because he is afraid to show himself in the lane. This could be your time to get a free gank, or to steal his creep and gain experience. You just have to be careful not to overdo yourself and get caught by the rest of their team.

With these tips and the experience you get playing and practicing, you can jungle in Pokémon Unite better every time. Here’s our guide to items in Pokémon Unite, so you know which ones are the best and how you should use them. Here we also show you how to surrender in Pokémon Unite, so you don’t waste a lot of time when the game is more than lost.

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