How to Keep Secure your YouTube Channel

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The YouTube channel can be linked to his Google account, but also linked to a brand account like Numerama. In any case, the more you follow these instructions, the less likely you are to be fooled. It requires being rigorous and careful, but the game can be worth it, especially when running a popular YouTube channel.

  • Use a strong, unique password with no specific reference to common words or yourself. This is the basis of the base: it must be long and complex and only be used for the YouTube channel;
  • Use a password manager to store it. Don’t write it down on a piece of paper. If it is a little too easy to remember, it may be that it is not complex enough;
  • Enable two-factor authentication. If your password is compromised, the account will remain protected by a second barrier. YouTube has been demanding this protection for creators monetizing their content since 2021;
  • For double authentication, prefer as much as possible either the application on the smartphone that generates a unique and temporary code, or a security USB key (U2F). The SMS method is less interesting, because because of SIM Swapping:
  • Use a secure recovery email address, which is only for that. Keep it a secret. Protect this email address with a password as strong as the string and double authentication;
  • Check Google’s security check-up and make sure everything is normal (in green). Control mostly third-party access, i.e. applications that have access to data and can potentially perform actions;
  • If Google offers it, turn on account protection against targeted attacks. This service is offered to certain profiles considered more exposed than others, such as journalists or public figures;
  • Of course, never give out your password to your loved ones, Google or anyone else. Do not fill it in any form, even if it looks legitimate (it is a trap);
  • Keep your operating system, applications (mobile or not) and web browser up to date. The latest versions mostly include patches to plug security breaches;
  • Pay attention to emails or SMS that ask you to go to this or that address and invite you to enter personal, sensitive or financial information. This is certainly phishing;
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These tips are geared towards the general public. It goes without saying that these leads may not be able to counter all the threats on the net, especially if a seasoned hacker has decided to specifically target you. But if all these instructions were applied, there are many problems that we would no longer talk about.

Other instructions can be formulated: for example, avoid downloading anything and everything on the web, because files can be verified. Refrain from frequenting shady sites. Use the services (Chrome and Firefox have integrated these features) that alert Internet users in case of hacking of a site you frequent.

All these recommendations are valid if you manage your YouTube channel solo, but also if you are several to have access rights to it. However, in this specific case, there are additional rules that apply: the idea, in short, is to compartmentalize access: if ever an account is hacked, it must be possible to contain any damage.

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