How to know with Google Maps where you have parked your car

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There are those who have a prodigious memory for these things. But there are also those who are a disaster or simply never remember where they have parked their car, which, if it is a large shopping center parking lot or a particularly hidden street, can be a problem. The easy thing would be to resort to some kind of small and portable GPS device that could solve the problem, but why, if we have Google Maps?

Find your parked car thanks to Google Maps

One of the most useful features of Google Maps is that you allows you to configure a route adding the option to find parking or garage, and thus not have to look for it when you arrive. But also, Google Maps has another function that helps you remember precisely where you left the parked vehicle. And it’s that simple:

  1. Open the app Google Maps
  2. On top, search for a destination.
  3. Bottom right, tap How to get.
  4. At the bottom, tap Steps and more.
  5. Touch Find parking near the destination.
  6. Choose a car park or garage and tap Add parking.
  7. Bottom right, tap Start.

Find and save a Parking in Google Maps

Now that you have a place chosen and you have managed to park, touch use Google Maps so that it stores the place and you know exactly where you left off Car when you go out for him. Maps allows you to place a marker in the app interface, the same one that you will use later through GPS positioning to find the car:

  1. Open the Google Maps application on your Android phone or tablet when you park the car – if you didn’t already have it open.
  2. Touch the blue dot that indicates your location.
  3. You will see how a menu opens with a blue background and various options. Touch Save parking.
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The best thing is that if you are not sure that marking the site with a blue dot is enough, Maps offers you the option of adding notes and photos to remember the floor, place or street where you have parked. Even the time that the parking lasts in case of a paid parking. For it:

  1. Open the Google Maps application
  2. Tap the search bar Parking location.
  3. To add a photo or note, touch More information.

Once you’re done and want to go to the car, to find where it is just open Maps and tap the search bar. In the options that come out, click Parking location. And when you display its interface, at the bottom right of the screen, touch the icon How to get (the arrow pointing right).


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