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How to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without actually leaving

Certainly the WhatsApp groups They have changed the way of meeting even with people you have not seen for a long time – who raised your hand during the pandemic in a group of former students from school, institute, etc.

There are those who love the enormous social interactivity that being in one or more groups generates. And there are those who already hate them from the first moment they get into one. Do you want to get out of one? It’s easy and it takes a couple of taps on the screen, but there are those who don’t want others to see that little message of “? left the group ”, so what to do?

One solution is to silence them, but we can go further.

Leave a WhatsApp group without leaving

We are not only going to silence it, but we are going to disconnect all possible notifications, and also archive it so as not to read more. For all intents and purposes it will be as if you had left it, even if you are still part of it, but at least the sneak message that you are gone will not get out, which can make other users angry – although basically it is their problem, not yours.

Mute Notifications

  1. Enter the WhatsApp group you are fed up with
  2. Look above, at the drop-down menu icon –the three points vertically
  3. Open it and press Group info
  4. Give the first option, ‘Mute notifications’ -if you had not already silenced them-, and mark that you do not want to receive notifications
  5. Go back to Group Info and look under the option Mute the option “Personalized notifications “. Go in and activate it if you didn’t use it already.
  6. Search either ‘Notifications and Alerts‘, O ” Use High Priority notifications’, and deactivate the one you have

With this you will no longer have any type of notifications again, nor will they bother you with alerts from the whatsapp group -Yes, at the end of the year when the time to have the chat muted ends, you will have to do it again. But we are going to add something else: you are going to archive that WhatsApp group, so as not to have that chat next to the ones you use the most from your list. For it:

Archive a WhatsApp chat

  1. In the tab Chats, holds long press the chat you want to archive.
  2. In the top menu, select the icon Archivar chat.
  3. Once you archive the chat you won’t see it in your Chats tab.

Unarchive a WhatsApp chat

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Chats tab.
  2. Pulse Chats archived.
  3. Press and hold the chat you want to unarchive.
  4. In the top menu, select the Unarchive chat icon.

How to activate Vacation mode in WhatsApp?

The problem with archiving is that if people keep typing, they might show up again – although with what you’ve done you won’t see notifications or anything, but the chat will show up again at the top of your conversation list. What we have put above is like a ‘patch’, but at last the good solution is about to arrive: The holiday mode.

After several years in development, the Holiday mode It is already available in the public version of WhatsApp Beta -if you use it you can activate it-, and it works like this:

Once you have the function available in your WhatsApp, you will see that Archived chats will move to the top of the conversation list under one heading: ‘Archived Chats’. If you touch this option you will be able to enter and see all the listed conversations that you decided to archive, and also another tab called ‘Notifications’: Here you have 2 different options:

– Notify new messages: Activated by default so that you know who writes to you even if you have it archived, if you decide to deactivate this function, you will be activating the Vacation mode, so archived chats will continue to remain in the archive when new messages arrive and you won’t know about it.

– Automatically hide inactive chats: it is an extension of vacation mode. When enabled, If a chat is older than 6 months, it will be automatically archived.

When will it reach the standard version of WhatsApp? We do not know yet, but whoever is in WhatsApp Beta indicates that it will not take long.

How to sign up for WhatsApp Beta?

If you want to try the Vacation mode to ‘cement’ your departure from a group, you can become a beta tester or WhatsApp tester, something very simple on Android: you just have to enter the Google Play store to find the test version (or directly at this link).

WhatsApp beta it the testing ground of the app in which all the functions and new features that are to come are tested, and therefore we must be careful because since they are Beta versions, they contain errors, bugs and bugs that must be outlined before they are officially available for the standard version of the app.

Therefore there are some risks in terms of bugs and that they are unstable versions, but in return the tests before those that only have the normal WhatsApp. The best thing is that the process is reversible, and if you don’t want to continue using WhatsApp Beta, just uninstall it, go to the Play Store and install the standard WhatsApp app. That easy.


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