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How to lose weight and tummy: tips, what to eat and exercise routines – MAG.

If what you want is lose weight and get a flat stomach, you must take into account a series of strategies. It will not be easy, but it all depends on the commitment you make and the food you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner; especially now that people are beginning to worry about next summer in different countries of the continent.

The change of season is very close and in Peru, as in other South American countries, people are looking for a way to lose weight by following a healthy low-calorie diet combined with physical activity. For this, you must take into account six strategies that can change your lifestyle and habits for the benefit of your health.

The desired dream is lose weight in the shortest possible time. This is false. This purpose requires a medium or long-term plan; plus time, effort and commitment. In this way, if you are willing to want to lose extra pounds, make sure you are ready. To get started, you can rethink some self-analysis questions.

No one but you will have an honest answer. It is not about others. It is you against this compromise pact and become aware that it will cost time, effort and commitment.

The main objective is lose weight, but there are different reasons to be able to achieve it. What is your main drive to lose weight? It can be health, looking good physically, fear of future illnesses, closing bad habits, improving your physique, among other options. After identifying why you will start this new routine, then you can manage options to motivate yourself or remind yourself to do it.

An important factor to have adequate support. You can put notes on objects that you take every day, or places where you spend more time. It also helps to choose someone you trust, tell them about your expectations, and hope that they will motivate you in a positive way. This same one can be your partner of physical activities, that accompanies you to create an exercise routine in the time that they are available and accompany you to design healthy foods.

If you do not want to take into account any of the aforementioned recommendations, then you must be responsible to yourself in routine activities, recording a daily menu, doing exercises and monitoring your evolution through different digital tools.

As already mentioned, lose weight It is the main objective, but setting a realistic goal will be vital to achieving the goals. What do we mean by being realistic? It is mainly to handle perceptions and ideas adjusted to what happens; elements to be able to work on it and that are more likely to handle and comply with them.

In the long term, it is smart to aim to lose 1 kilo per week. In general, to fulfill this purpose you must burn between 500 to 1000 calories more than you consume per day, achieving a low calorie diet and regular physical activity (1 hour per day, for example).

What is the use of setting realistic goals? When we set goals that are not out of reality, think about the processes and results that you can achieve at certain times. For example, walking 30 minutes a day, doing 1 hour of daily exercises, eating a balanced diet for a period of time, among other factors that will help lose weight.

If you don’t have time to exercise, then get into the habit of eating healthy. This will be the mainstay to promote weight loss. For this, you must reduce the consumption of calories.

One technique to do this is to eat plant-based foods, fruits, and whole grains. Start eating a variety of foods to reach your goals without giving up taste or nutrition. Here are some recommendations.

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