How to make an invisible friend giveaway at Christmas: best apps and websites

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Around this time there are usually three social events that tell us the time we are in: company dinners, the Christmas Lottery draw, and the Invisible Friend. Those are like pillars that sustain the time, just like the Gordo ad or the nougat at close range. This year is different, and things like company dinners will not be held or will have to be respecting the current measures. We will have the big draw in a week. But what about the invisible friend?

Also called ‘secret friend, secret Santa’ or ‘little angel’It is a game in which you have to give a gift to a group of friends and / or colleagues, but without knowing who the other person is. The tradition is that an organizer writes the names of all the participants on small pieces of paper and puts the names of the participants in a bag. Then, one by one, the participants introduce their hand and choose the ‘secret friend’.

But we are in the middle of social restrictions, and the Covid-19 regulations do not let us celebrate it as before, although that does not mean that it cannot be done, and therefore here you have a series of websites and mobile applications with which you can make the draw in a fast and online, especially if it is with a series of non-contact friends who are each in a different place:

Invisible Friend Apps

Invisible Friend 22

As we see, in the Android’s Google Play Store there are tons of apps to choose from and do the Secret Santa. We are going to put you the most popular, Invisible Friend 22, which is also for iOS. The app works in a similar way to webs, but its advantage is that you can add participants by email or by sharing the group link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network, even by email or SMS .

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If you have a premium group, you can add restrictions (rules, exclusions or exceptions) to prevent certain people from giving gifts to others. When they have joined, carry out the raffle and everyone will receive an email or notification with the person to whom they have to make the gift. In addition, you will also be able to see if the participants already know their result and if the email has reached them.

Download Invisible Friend 22 for Android

Download Invisible Friend 22 for iOS

Secreft Gift

Exclusive to Android, Secret Gif follows the same principles: you create an event, add the participants and send the information. Unlike the previous one, in this one the thing works only through email, and in addition to a date you can add a GPS location to know where to celebrate it, and to establish whether or not it will have a price range and what quantities. The best thing is that it allows you to establish up to 3 alternative gifts per person.

Descargar Secret Gift

Secret Santa

Exclusive to iOS, Secret Santa also works by email only, and it is not only valid for the invisible friend, but for other events. When marking the event as an invisible friend, the interface will appear to enter names, emails, impose a price margin and establish exclusions between users. The best thing is that the app allows you choose the participants in your contact list of the mobile, although if you do not want to give permission, you can enter them manually.

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Descargar Secret Santa

Invisible Friend Websites

Invisible Friend Online

With such a name, it is clear that the thing is going. Under a simple interface and using a grid system, on this website you must enter the names and emails of all those who will participate, a basic message, and at the endr the algorithm generates an Excel with the participations made randomly and it will send them to all users. Even you can set exclusions, so that such person does not touch another.

I am your invisible friend

Following a principle similar to the previous one, on the web I am your invisible friend you must set first a date -the day the gifts will be distributed-, enter the name and email of all participants, and most importantly: what money limit must be put for the gift. Then the web will generate the matches randomly and send them to the participants. Of course, you cannot add exclusions.


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