How to Make Apps Visible on Android Auto

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Android Auto: Fixing App Display Issues

Android Auto is a valuable tool that allows you to project your mobile screen to the center console of your car for greater comfort. However, like other apps, it may present issues such as not showing certain applications. This could be due to the app not being compatible with Android Auto or other important factors.

Solution for App Display Issues

If you have a compatible app that is not showing in Android Auto, you can try making adjustments on your Android cell phone to fix the problem. First, go to the “Settings” app and enter the “Connected devices” section. Select “Android Auto” and scroll down to find the app version. Tap on the three dots, select “Developer settings,” and check the box for “Unknown sources.” Finally, go back to the main interface.

Note that this solution works only if the app is compatible with Android Auto. If not, you may need to find an alternative.

Turning an Old Tablet into a Display for Android Auto

If you want to use Android Auto but your car does not have a compatible display, you can turn your old tablet into a screen for the app and install it in your car. The Headunit Reloaded app (paid with a free trial version) can help you with this.

Download the app on your tablet from the Play Store. Open Android Auto from the app settings on your cell phone and scroll to the Android Auto version number. Tap the number several times and enable developer settings. Press on the three dots of Android Auto and select “Start server the main unit.”

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