How to mute contact stories on Instagram so they don’t appear in your feed

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Of the most popular functions that Instagram has and converted not only into means to express what you feel, share or announce something, but also to even sell and promote, Stories allow you to upload photos, and short videos (or long matches in several stories) of a temporary nature that we can program to disappear after an amount of time has elapsed.

We can even create Stories that only the contacts we choose can see. But the app also allows us to silence the stories of a contact that we don’t want to see. This is how you do it:

Mute a contact’s Instagram Stories

  1. At the top of the feed, tap and hold the profile photo of the person whose story you want to mute.
  2. Choose Mute> Mute history. Remember that silencing someone’s stories is not the same as unfollowing that person or silencing their profile: You will continue to see their posts in the feed.

Reactivate a contact’s stories

To reactivate a story that you muted, repeat these steps and select the function Reactivate if you do it from an iPhone, or Reactivate history if you are on an Android mobile. And remember that if you silence someone’s stories, those stories:

  • They will appear at the end of the bar at the top of the feed.
  • They won’t have a colored circle around them when they update.
  • They will not play automatically when you watch stories.


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