How to mute your microphone in Microsoft Teams from the taskbar

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Microsoft Teams is one of the most used applications in the last year. The Redmond proposal has been one of those chosen by many so as not to lose a beat during the pandemic and today it is essential for all the service it offers. However, to avoid more than one oversight you may need to know how to mute your microphone from the taskbar in Microsoft Teams.

Close the Microsoft Teams microphone from the taskbar

Communication has become more important than ever since last year. Everyone has opted for an application with which they can contact their work or school colleagues in order to share the work shit from their ‘home offices’. But it is a fact that when it comes to work you can always count on the support of a platform that gives you all the tools you need in one place.

And this is where it’s time to talk about Microsoft with its Teams application. It is a complete shared work center in the cloud where you can do almost everything at the office level. You can create files and upload others in the cloud with one or more colleagues, but you can also have groups at your disposal to divide the projects between the different members. Of course, you can talk to them, but if you are in a different tab of the call you may You are interested in knowing how to mute your microphone in Teams from the taskbar.

Of course, you can physically disconnect the sound input device, but Redmond has added an additional feature so that you can do it directly from the taskbar. It is an icon that will now have much more presence and utility than before. It turns out that in the new version of Windows 11 every time the icon appears the microphone will allow you to turn it off without having to return to the conversation you have open.

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In addition, in Windows 10 it took you directly to the configuration section, but now it will be possible in a few clicks to deactivate this function once and for all. Back then, unless you are still using it on your computer, you will have to disable Teams from the available permissions or go directly to the application to silence it.


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