How to overcome the inferiority complex

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How to overcome the inferiority complex

The Inferiority complex is the set of signs, attitudes and behaviors that are expressed as a result of feel less in front of others. This term arose for the first time from the hand of the psychoanalyst Alfred Adler, who had the curiosity to understand why some people lack sufficient strength of mind. will or trust to reach your goals.

“It is characterized by defenselessness, constant disappointment and, fundamentally, because a large number of losses are present: work, affective and others that generate more fear, sadness, despair and loneliness “, describes Ezequiel Achilli (MN 115,646) psychoanalyst physician, titular member of the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association ( APdeBA) and the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA).

People who have an inferiority complex suffer a lot. They do not see themselves capable of proposing things, of carrying out activities on their own initiative, of raising ideas in their work and social environment, because they do not value their capacities for accomplishment or success. They tend to go unnoticed in all the environments in which they operate. Is invisibility it makes them feel comfortable in their low self-concept and at the same time increases negative feelings about their ability.

Judgments and comparison with others are accompanied by negative feelings and emotions towards themselves and towards others, such as shame, anger and even envy which are very toxic.

The output for overcome insecurity

When you understand the root causes and causes of a problem, you may be able to overcome it more easily. Although it is not always decisive, understanding the reasons helps to overcome and resolve.

“This feeling derives from the primordial moment of being protected and what Freud calls child helplessness. If in the primary care any of the parents exceeds in their care, in the future that child will demand it from the world and will feel frustrated. If the education he receives is authoritarian, he will feel humiliated; and if he is absent, he cannot become a member of a group. This is then expressed in an excess of demand that leads to frustration, difficulty in tolerating it and constant self-reproach”, Details the specialist, master in Psychopathology and Mental Health.

After having analyzed some of the main characteristics that people with feelings of inferiority have, as well as known what they are the most common causes, the psychoanalyst affirms that there can be three ways out of this feeling, which does not necessarily involve treatment.

“On the one hand the compensation Through knowing one’s own tools, which are usually put aside when the feeling of inferiority appears. Another exit is the creativity boost, that we all have, and thus transform what we do daily into something that is not routine. The same things can be done differently. And, fundamentally, awaken a greater interest in others, cooperation, and thus transform discomfort into community feeling. Relate, bond, help and work with and with others who also need us ”, advises Achilli.

If, upon reading this, the person felt identified, it would be indicated to initiate a psychological treatment to help perceive life from a more realistic point of view, to be able to place oneself in it at the same height as others and to regain quality of life.

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