How to play The Squid Game in Fortnite

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The Squid game/Squid Game It is already the most watched series of Netflix. Given such success, it was more than understandable that recreations in video games as popular as Fortnite Battle Royale. In this news we tell you how to play The Squid Game in Fortnite, thanks to a map of the Creative way that recreates with great fidelity the macabre games to which the characters of the series are subjected. Of course, before, we remind you that, currently, Fortnite Chapter 2 is in the Season 8 of the Battle Pass.

Fortnite: how to play The Squid Game

The Creative Mode map Squad Game de PWR in Fortnite it recreates the different Squid Game / The Squid Game with astonishing accuracy. The map code is 8443-5747-3271. To play it, it is as simple as go to the Fortnite Battle Royale mode selection menu, e enter this code in the “Island Code” tab:

Up to 30 players can play on this map at the same time. The ideal is to play with a group the bigger the betterSince, if we want to see (and participate) in all the tests that the game proposes, we will have to survive them. The game ends once there is only one player left alive.

The games that we can play are the following, and in this order:

  • Red Light, Green Light/Red Light, Green Light: we must advance to the goal, but we can only move when the green light is on. When the red light is on, we must be still.
  • Honeycombs/The Cookie Game: we must shoot with the Kymera Ray Gun at the targets and hit all of them without leaving the silhouette, and before time runs out.
  • Night Fight/Night Fight– We must eliminate other players and / or survive the fight in the bedrooms, using only the pickaxe.
  • Tug-Of-War/Tug of war– We must shoot the targets and be faster and more accurate than the other team.
  • Marbles/Marbles: we have to guess between odd or even.
  • Stepping Stones/The Glass Steps: we must go along the bridge, guessing which of the steps in each row is safe to reach the goal.
  • Squid Game/The Squid Game: using Mecha Guns, we must push the other players out of the game area by shooting them.
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