How to put Halloween mode on Android in WhatsApp?

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Born of a Celtic festival such as the November, All Hallows Eve o Halloween As it is popularly known, it is that time of year when the borders of the world of the living and the world of the dead blur so much that one enters the world of the other. And if you wonder why people disguise themselves and in addition to sinister things, it is because it was the only way that the dead did not take you to their world, since when you saw you dressed like that they thought you were one of them and you left alone.

Dress up WhatsApp and other Halloween apps

Currently Halloween is both a popular tradition that the United States has shaped and exported to the rest of the world, like a gigantic commercial machine for everything that surrounds it: Costumes, tons of sweets, TV specials such as the legendary The Simpsons or American Horror Story, horror films released in the cinema, movie merchandising by Tim Burton …

And how could it be less, social networks disguise themselves and provide us with all kinds of accessories to use them these days. Do you want to dress your mobile for Halloween by customizing the WhatsApp logo and also that of other apps? This is how you can do it:

For those who do not know her, Nova Launcher is an Android application framed within the group of ‘launchers’ or launchers. An app that among other things gives you the option to customize the mobile desktop, the dock, the application drawer and ultimately the whole aspect of the terminal’s operating system. And that is what we are going to do, although with a single app:

  1. Download free New Launcher from the Play Store – there is also another payment option, Nova Launcher Prime
  2. Install it, the basic configuration of the launcher will appear: Create a new design -or choose one already made-; choose theme from Light, Dark or Dynamic; and choose how to open the app drawer, whether by sliding the screen up on the mobile desktop, or by opening a folder
  3. Now, once you have it installed, you should know that now you will have 2 different appearances on your mobile: the one that your mobile brings by default -EMUI, MIUI, Oxygen, ONE UI, etc-, and the one that you can put with Nova Launcher.
  4. Open a web browser on mobile and download this image, This other or one you like in particular – use Google search strings like ‘WhatsApp logo Halloween png’ for example.
  5. Open the Nova Launcher app, you will see your mobile desktop but with a more uncluttered design. Open the app drawer and look for WhatsApp
  6. Hold on pressed the icon a couple of seconds. A mini window will open with various options. You must give to Edit.
  7. Here you can change the app name and icon. Click on the icon, and choose the second option, look for an image in the mobile galleries.
  8. Look for the image of the WhatsApp logo in purple that you downloaded before, edit the measurements to your liking, and save.

Change the rest of your app icons

Now, every time you launch Nova Launcher you will see the WhatsApp icon of this color. But if you use the default interface / aspect of your mobile, you will get the same as always. You can choose that the Nova Launcher desktop opens by default with your mobile, and configure all your icons, for example Gmail, TikTok, Messenger, Instagram, etc.

Just Google an alternative for the app icon you want to change. And when you get tired uninstall Nova Launcher and you will return to how your terminal now looks.


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