How to Quickly Complete Tasks with Windows 11 Taskbar

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How to avoid application crashes on your computer

When using your computer, the last thing you want is for applications to crash without any reason. If your computer is not powerful enough to handle a lot of load, you can stop it from continuing to lag using a function called “end task”.

This feature will soon be available from the company’s toolbar, making it easier for users to control remote sites in Windows 11.

Using Task Manager to remove a running program

If you are already familiar with the Task Manager, you will know that you can enter it by pressing “ctrl + alt + del”. From there, you can view all the active processes running on your device. To remove a running program, all you need to do is select it and press a button.

However, sometimes it can take forever to get here, especially if your device is operating at a slow speed. This is where Microsoft’s new twist to their operating system comes into play – making it easier to end a running task.

The new “end task” feature on Windows 11

Until now, all applications were simply closed if you right-clicked on their icon and clicked “close application”. But, the Insider version has added a new feature where the application and all the threads will be slammed.

This change is a very important improvement for all users, especially those who need a quick response from the machine to prevent a computer from crashing. Microsoft is working on many new features for Windows 11 and paving the way for a new operating system.

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Until the new operating system arrives, users will have the beginnings of an operating system focused on the new Copilot that Microsoft is already developing. This new program will provide users with what Cortana couldn’t deliver when it arrived.

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