How to Recover Deleted Call History on Android Phone

By: Dan Cooper

Published on:

Lately, “toxic tricks” have become increasingly popular on mobile devices with the Android operating system. Most users are interested in determining if their partner is lying, and thanks to technology, it is easy to discover possible infidelity.

In this article, we will teach you an amazing trick for finding out if your partner is deleting their call history from your phone without downloading external applications. Instead, you can follow the procedure through the “Contacts” application that comes by default on your smartphone.

How is it possible to know who my partner is talking to if they delete the call history?

The “Contacts” app has a feature called “Frequent Contacts”, which is responsible for creating a section with the same name in the list of your added contacts. Here, all the people with whom your partner has communicated more often through phone calls will appear. If someone’s name isn’t on the record, then it means they have deleted the evidence, and you won’t know.

The guide to find out who my partner spoke to if they deleted call history:

1. First, go to the “Contacts” app that comes installed by default.
2. Now, click on the icon of the three stripes in the upper left corner.
3. Several options will be displayed; press the cogwheel or gear that is located in the upper right.
4. You have just accessed contact settings.
5. Activate the switch that says “Show frequent contacts”.
6. Go back to the list of contacts.
7. As you can see, the “Frequent Contacts” section has been enabled, and all the people with whom your partner has communicated the most will appear by phone call.
8. Look for someone’s name in the history. If it doesn’t appear, then it means they have deleted it.

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