How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Clothes Without a Washing Machine

If you are a clean junkie or just like to be neat all the time, then you need to be careful with the smell of tobacco.

Whether you have friends who smoke or you receive cigarette smoke directly, you need to get rid of this ‘strong smell’. Is there a way to do it? Is a washing machine necessary?

This smell is easily impregnated in clothes, shirts, pants, jackets and others. The first option to remove this ‘olfactory sensation’ is with the washing machine, but there are several tricks to do it without the need for an appliance.

In fact, there are 2 ingredients or products at home that will help you get rid of the aroma of the cigar, no matter what the tobacco is accompanied by fruit additives such as plum, strawberry or mint.

How to remove the smell of cigarettes from clothes?

White vinegar: we will use this iconic home ingredient to remove the smell of tobacco from clothes. Let’s drop hot water into a bathtub or heat it up in a pot. Then, we will pour vinegar inside (1/4 cup); place the affected clothes nearby and let the steam take care of releasing the strong smell of cigarettes.

Vodka: we are going to use this well-known alcoholic drink in a sprinkler or ‘spray’, then we will spread it on the clothes with the smell of tobacco. Add 3/4 water to one vodka to the formula; a few drops will be enough.

We are going to leave your shirts, polo shirts, pants and jackets treated with these methods in the open air. Be sure to spread them out wide and in an open, drafty space. This step will help remove any moisture caused by the vapors from the vinegar and vodka.

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