How to Remove Hair Stuck in the Drain Easily

Taking a shower is a relaxing activity that usually takes a few minutes to complete. However, it’s important to bear in mind that cleaning the bathtub is equally essential as fallen hairs can cause a blockage in the pipes. Here are some tips to unclog your drain in case of a hair problem.

Why Hair Causes Blockages
It’s crucial to understand that pipes require proper flow for water to pass through. Accumulated hairs can lead to blockages that cause overflows and pools of water on the surface. If you have long hair, it’s highly likely that hundreds of hairs will fall directly into the pipes, causing significant damage.

How to Unblock the Drain
Removing hair accumulation from the bathtub is relatively simple; here are some tricks to make your work easy. Firstly, you need to remove the superficial hairs on the lid using your hands or a hard wax brush. Then, you can use tweezers, a stretched wire hanger, or a screwdriver to tear the sides of the pipes if there are hairs at the bottom of the drain.

Use Boiling Water
If there are still objects stuck to the pipes, use boiling water to remove them. Use direct and approximately a liter of boiling water to break up the clog. You can add soap to the boiling water to make it easier for the stuck-on objects to start sliding off.

Preventing Hair Loss
Hair loss has several causes, including stress and hormonal changes. Men typically lose more hair than women. Other causes of hair loss include extreme diets that lack enough protein. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, it’s essential to have a balanced diet rich in nutrients.

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In conclusion, unblocking your drain requires simple and accessible solutions. Implementing these tactics can help unclog your drain and keep your home clean. You can explore more creative and cost-effective DIY ideas by visiting the Mag website.

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