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How to restrict some contacts from commenting on your Facebook posts – MRT

From 2004 to the present day, Facebook continues to be the most important social network of all time, also, it is one of the companies that is in the top 10 of the largest companies in the world. As recalled, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform owns the applications most used by most users, including: WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger. In this opportunity, we will teach you a simple trick to decide which contacts can comment on your publications, do you want to know how to do it? We will explain it below.

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Surely among your contacts you have more than one person who goes out of line when trying to be funny by commenting on your publications, whether they are text, photos, videos or links, because this always ends up ruining them and you are forced to delete their comment .

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This situation is very uncomfortable, especially because your friends, co-workers and even family, see this type of comments that sometimes are very rude. Fortunately, there is a very easy trick to hide all your publications from certain contacts that you do not want to see.


First, make sure that Facebook has no pending updates in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Now, press the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner. Then, go to your Facebook profile. In the section that says ‘Post’, click on ‘What are you thinking?’ so that it opens in full screen. Two tabs will appear on the upper side: ‘Friends’ and ‘Album’, click on the first one. Here you can filter which people can see your publications, it means that after not seeing them they will not be able to You have five options: ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Except friends’ (recommended), ‘Specific friends’ (recommended) and ‘Only me’. With the recommended options you can hide certain people from avoiding commenting on your posts .Procedure to prevent some contacts from commenting on your publications (Photo: Mag)Procedure to prevent some contacts from commenting on your publications (Photo: Mag)

Do you have a problem with Facebook and want to solve it? click and follow the steps to solve the problem that you present with the application. Meanwhile, if what you want is to report abuses or other conversations that violate the rules of Facebook Messenger, press the following . You can also shake your smartphone to report a problem.

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