How to scan an AirTag from your Android mobile

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AirTags have been the coolest gadgets we’ve seen in recent months. If you do not know them yet, they are small electronic badges that locate the position of an object that does not have a GPS. The keys, your bag or the car are some examples where you can put them, but the problem may not be where you put them but how you find them. And is that if you have a device that is not Apple may wonder how to scan an AirTag if you have an Android mobile.

Use NFC to scan an AirTag

As you know, AirTags have several reading methods and all of them are wireless. everything happens to have your mobile close to look for it or at least read the information if it is lost. And is that if you have an Android you can scan your AirTag using the NFC function in case your terminal has it. This will only be possible if two conditions are met: LThe first that your terminal has the NFC activated, and the second is that the electronic tag is active in lost mode.

Bluetooth as a second option

Having all the devices of the same brand is usually helpful when they work. In the case of the apparatuses of the bitten apple there is esa synergy and more if we talk about the AirTags and the iPhone. But it is something of the most normal that users do not have devices of the same brands so the compatibility in some cases is non-existent, and this can be a problem if you want to find your AirTags from your Android phone.

It may even seem impossible, but luckily it is. Everything happens to activate one of the most basic characteristics of any device that communicates without a physical connection. This is where Bluetooth comes into play, as it is what will help you find a nearby AirTag with your mobile. However, your smartphone may not detect the device at the moment so you will need extra help.

That help has a name and is LightBlue. It is an application that you can download for free on your Android smartphone from the Play Store. Its function is to scan nearby Bluetooth devices of all kinds. It is not only limited to finding phones that have this function activated, but also accessories such as wireless mice or keyboards and, of course, the AirTags that you may have nearby.

Many devices will appear to you and you will be able to see by the coverage how far you are from them. However, you should know that if the AirTag is nearby it may not have a name. This is not a problem either, since the application itself gives you more information about the device you are scanning and you only have to look at the part of the manufacturer where Apple will appear.


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