How to see the lyrics of the song you listen to on Spotify

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It is funny how being based entirely on digital music, the Spotify application did not yet have a mode that would allow us to read the lyrics of the song we are listening to while it is playing. It has taken time and it has been done to beg, but at last the streaming music service has solved it with Lyrics, a new feature that allows all Spotify users, both the free and Premium versions, to see the lyrics of the songs.

Spotify Lyrics

To make this new tool possible, Spotify has partnered with the Musixmatch lyrics catalog.And thanks to this association, from now on all users of 28 Spotify markets, including Spain, will have access to this new functionality to read the lyrics of the songs while they are playing.

The function of ‘Lyrics’ is available on iOS and Android devices, desktops, consoles, and smart TVs. Next, we tell you how to activate the function according to the device (or devices) on which you use Spotify:

Activate the ‘Letters’ function in the mobile app

  1. Tap in the “Now Playing View” of a song
  2. While listening to a song, swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  3. The lyrics of the song will appear while it is playing in real time on Spotify
  4. Finally, if you want to share the lyrics on social networks, you will have to touch the “Share” button at the bottom of the song lyrics screen.

Activate the ‘Lyrics’ function in the desktop version

  1. In the playback bar, click the microphone icon while a song is playing
  2. You will then see the lyrics of the songs scrolling in real time while the song is playing

Activate the ‘Lyrics’ function in the Spotify app for televisions

  1. Open the song playback view in the Spotify app on television
  2. Scroll to the corner of the right button to the “letter button” and select “activate letter”
  3. Once activated, the lyrics of the song will appear on the screen


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