How to see the WhatsApp status of your contacts without them knowing

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Released in 2016, the WhatsApp statuses are the translation of the Instagram Stories messaging app – plagiarism in turn of the Snapchat concept that has ended up being more successful than the original. And although statuses are not as popular as Stories, they are used, and you will surely see many of your contacts uploading things.

Gossip WhatsApp statuses

But, like a message in the chat, when you see a status it is reflected that you have done it, and whoever has uploaded that status can see which of their contacts have seen it. Is there a way to gossip about those statuses without the other person knowing about it? Yes, there are.

Method 1

The same ‘homemade’ trick method that is given so that notifications of having read a message are not recorded, is also an effective method if you have a little patience. Do this:

  1. and a Settings opening the upper right icon of the three vertical dots.
  2. Look for the section of Bill and then enter Privacy
  3. At the bottom you will see the option to delete Read Receipts.

This method is useful for several things, since by deactivating the double blue check directly, no one will know when you have read a message that has been sent to you, or when you have seen the status of a contact. But beware, that in the same way that they will not be able to see if you have read it, you will not be able to see if a contact has read yours either.

But of course, the problem is that as soon as you activate the option again, WhatsApp will send the notifications of ‘seen’ that it had pending, your contact will know that you have seen its status and so much mystery will have been useless … Unless you wait 1 day: As a rule, a WhatsApp status disappears 24 hours after being uploaded. If you wait that time, and the next day You reactivate the Read Confirmation function When your contact status is gone, he / she will never know you saw it.

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Method 2

Another one that does not require installation of anything, is simply to dive a little into the folders that make up the storage of your mobile:

  1. Among the icons you have on your mobile, look for one in the shape of a folder called ‘My Files’ or File Explorer’
  2. You can too download a file manager or explorer de la Google Play Store
  3. Look for the section Internal Phone Memory
  4. Seeks the whatsapp folder from among those that appear to you. If for whatever reason you do not see it, try within the ‘Media’ folder.
  5. When you are inside the WhatsApp folder that is in the memory of your mobile, vyou will be several folders: Pictures, voice memos, etc.
  6. The one you are looking for is not in plain sight because it is hidden. Look for the three drop-down dots icon in the upper right corner to display the options menu.
  7. open Settings
  8. Look for the option ‘Show hidden files’ and activate it
  9. Go back to the WhatsApp folders and you will see several new ones, including .Statuses

And voila! As if by magic, inside this folder You will see all the photos, images or videos that your WhatsApp contacts have in their status. In this way you will be able to view them without opening WhatsApp, which will prevent the seen notification from being sent.

However, this method has slight ‘drawbacks’:

– It is exclusive for Android, so it does not work for iOS

– It only works for states that are photos or videos, not a text

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– It doesn’t tell you to which contact this photo or video belongs, you will have to guess.


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