How to Sell More Cars Using Social Media

By: MRT Desk

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Want to make selling cars more rewarding? Use social media. About 74% of people rely heavily on social media to make informed purchase decisions.

That means social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are integral marketing tools for today’s businesses—and car dealerships are no exception.

A great automotive social media campaign can engage users (especially those with a “try before you buy” mindset), court their attention, and generate new leads.

But how do you successfully use social media to sell more cars?

  1. Make a Great First Impression

Look your best if you want to sell more cars online. Just like in the real world, your online image can woo potential clients to your lot to see what’s on offer.

To make a good first impression online use your best profile picture that exudes trust and confidence. Research suggests using different elements on your profile picture to positively influence an audience.

Also, create an exceptional bio on your social networks that achieves what a warm greeting, strong handshake or a winning elevator pitch would in person.

Your bio is likely to make a good first impression if you…

  • Write every word with a car buyer in mind
  • Use the “first-person” point-of-view in your bio
  • Share your active contacts (phone number or email)
  1. Create Fresh Content

Social media is a good marketing tool for car dealerships. But it’s more effective when combined with other marketing strategies such as content marketing.

Content marketing involves creating and publishing evergreen content (or search-engine optimized content that continually stays relevant and “fresh” for readers) such as SEO-focused blog posts on your car dealership’s website.

Creating fresh and optimized content on your car dealer’s social network draws in the reader thus promoting your business or directing traffic to your site.

  1. Post Cars on Local Marketplaces

Social media networks are awash with local marketplaces. A good case in point is Facebook. It’s laden with local pages and groups where people buy, sell, and trade different products and services.

Car dealers can tap into these goldmines as well. Here’s how:

  • Explore or join your local group(s).
  • Post a stunning car stock photo to showcase the car(s) you’re selling.
  • Monitor likes, comments, and shares on all your social media posts.
  • Respond to all customer-related inquiries on time.
  • Set an appointment with your potential client.
  1. Explore Multiple Platforms

Marketing cars on a single social media platform is good. But also not a wise move because you’ll be limiting your scope of marketing campaigns.

To spice up your marketing approach, explore multiple social media platforms. For example, use YouTube to create car maintenance tutorial videos and then Facebook to create car-related targeted marketing campaigns.

Using more than one social media network expands your audience reach.

So many tips exist that could help you sell more cars on social media. But even so, you need to plan before you jump into the deep end of marketing your business online.

It’s not enough to just “wet your feet”, you need to commit yourself. It takes hard work to run marketing campaigns on social media—and hard work pays off.

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