How to send iPhone memojis in your WhatsApp conversations

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WhatsApp has a number of tricks that many have yet to try. Although the application makes efforts to provide people with new tools, these are not used to the maximum by users who use the app daily to communicate with their friends, family, partner, and co-workers.

The latest version of WhatsApp brings messages that self-destruct in 7 days if they are not read, in addition to the implementation of being able to accelerate an audio or voice message at a speed of 2x, 1.5x and 1x.

However, it is also possible to send the well-known iPhone memojis to any mobile device via text message. You can even save them and that way you can have fun differently with all your friends.

How do you do it? If you have an Apple phone, you do not need to install third-party programs, on the contrary, you can use the memojis that you already have stored or created on your iPhone in WhatsApp without too much trouble.

Remember that these steps can only be done from the iPhone. In the case of Android, you can use applications that are already pre-installed as in Samsung and Huawei:

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