How to Send Lengthy Messages Without Typing on the App

WhatsApp brings new functions with version 23.5.78 for iPhones, including the ability to extract texts from images, books and other external objects. Users can now copy phrases, words or long texts and transcribe them immediately in WhatsApp without the need for additional programs or external tools. This new feature allows users to send long messages quickly and easily, saving them time. Here’s how to use this function!

Step 1: Update WhatsApp

Make sure you have version 23.5.78 of WhatsApp by going to the App Store and updating the messaging application.

Step 2: Choose a Conversation

Go to the Chats section in WhatsApp and select a conversation. Press on the keyboard and hold down the top bar of the keyboard until a menu appears.

Step 3: Extract Texts

Select the text icon located to the right of “Paste” and a camera will open. Aim it at the text you have on hand and wait a few seconds until the phrases are copied to WhatsApp.

Step 4: Send the Message

Once extracted, the text will simulate how it was written. Hit “Send” and the message is sent to your chosen contact. This process saves time by eliminating the need to write long messages by hand.

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you may want to prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp account. To do so, lock your iPhone completely remote by signing into iCloud and marking your mobile device as lost. From there, you can recover your number to access WhatsApp on another mobile device as long as you made a backup. Keep in mind that WhatsApp deletes your account after 30 days of inactivity.

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