How to Stop Google from Deleting Your YouTube, Gmail, and Drive Accounts

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Google to Delete Inactive Accounts

Few things are worse in the world of technology than a file being deleted forever. At that point, you pray that document or piece of code hasn’t disappeared from the recycle bin, at which point you can forget about getting it back entirely. But Google intends to make a general deletion of all those accounts that nobody uses on its platform. And if you do not want yours to be one of them, we are going to tell you what you have to do.

Requirements for Account Deletion

Last week, those at Mountain View made it very clear: they will clean up Gmail accounts that are not used at the end of the year. And they have already warned users, in the middle of May, that they still have options to prevent their account from being selected for elimination. However, this deletion doesn’t only apply to email accounts. The contents of Google Drive and YouTube are associated with your account as well. Plus, your mobile could remain inactive since Google will delete the address forever.

Therefore, and from what the company itself has stated on its blog, everything associated with inactive accounts will be forgotten. YouTube videos, photos, documents in Drive, and all other content will be deleted forever.

How to Prevent Your Google Account From Disappearing?

First of all, a call for calm: if you use your account regularly, you have nothing to worry about. This notice only applies to those who haven’t logged into their account for more than two years. In fact, those at Mountain View have already warned that they will send different notifications throughout the year before accounts are permanently eliminated in December 2023.

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After that time, there will be nothing left to do. But what you should know is that you have many options to save all your content. It’s as simple as entering the account, opening a new file, cleaning up the messages you have received, watching a YouTube video, or doing something to indicate that you at least want to keep that account for as long as you want. Otherwise, as Google has stated, your account and all of its contents will be deleted forever.

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