How to Take an Infinite Screenshot on Android

Suppose you follow someone on Instagram who has dozens of photos, and a friend of yours tells you to share his photos because he doesn’t follow her and his profile is private, what should you do?

For situations like this, taking screenshots of each publication of that person is not always practical. However, there is a tool called “infinite screenshot” that can solve this problem.

It is true that some high-end mobile devices already have a native function that allows you to do this, however, there are other mid-range cell phones that do not have the aforementioned feature. If you find yourself in this situation, you can download the “Screen Master” application from the Google Play Store, which gives you the option of making infinite screenshots totally free.

To take an infinite screenshot on your Android phone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Android app and grant it the necessary permissions.
2. Press on the green button that says “Activate the screenshot”.
3. You will see a floating button that you can move anywhere on the touch screen.
4. Access a web page or application and press the button that we mentioned.
5. Then touch the option “Pinch” which is located at the bottom.
6. Scroll down the page or app and press the plus icon (+) to add the parts you want to the “infinite screenshot”.
7. Even above the screenshots will appear.
8. When you’re done, click the check > “Save”.
9. Finally, access the photo gallery and look for the screenshot.

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Facial recognition is a security tool that only some smartphones have mid-range and high-end, this works like a 3D face scanner. However, it is possible to unlock your cell phone with a photograph of your face.

According to the information disseminated by the Movilzona technology portal, it was learned that the Dutch organization “Consumentenbon” carried out a test or experiment in 2019, which consisted of unlocking 110 cell phones from Lenovo, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel, Samsung, Apple, among others, using a high-quality printed photo. The result was surprising, 42 devices were unlocked from the entire group.

It is important to note that some Samsung brand mobiles and their Galaxy line passed the test, on the other hand, Apple iPhones too. Whether or not to enable facial unlocking on your cell phone is a personal choice.

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