How to tell everyone on WhatsApp that you will not continue after May 15

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You can not anymore. Let’s suppose that your days are numbered in WhatsApp since the company decided that its community accepts the new privacy conditions as of May 15. How do you go about letting all your contacts know that you don’t want any more with the application and that you will move to the competition?

To the relief of thousands of WhatsApp users, there is an alternative to get out of the cumbersome process of communicating to everyone that you will no longer be available on the messaging service and that you can be contacted elsewhere. You do not require a third-party application to make your WhatsApp output clean and orderly.

Before it is May 15, the deadline to accept the new privacy policies, open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone and go to “Settings”. Then, click on the text that appears to the right of your profile photo and click on the box to be able to write a message.

We recommend the following line so that everyone is aware of your exit from WhatsApp. “As of May 15, you can find me on Telegram and Signal” is the simplest message you can do to coordinate your future communication in another app other than WhatsApp.

WHATSAPP | What to do after May 15

In this way, the contacts that come by your chat to write to you will read that you will soon leave WhatsApp and you will be able to be contacted in another space. Remember that, if you do not accept the conditions, the platform will limit your access to the platform and you will not be able to communicate with others.

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As you have already decided to say goodbye to WhatsApp, we recommend that you make a backup of your chats in WhatsApp so that you can import it into Telegram and continue with the thread of your conversations. A third-party app is not necessary for this change, since Telegram itself has this chat import service for the competition.

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