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How to unlock and use TikTok’s secret emoticons and smileys on Android and iOS

TikTok’s Secret Emojis: How to Enable Them

TikTok is an entertainment platform enjoyed by millions of users around the world. It allows you to watch videos or create your own content, and interact with your followers through comments and messages. However, many users are not aware that the Chinese-originated app has 39 secret emojis that can be used without having to download third-party applications.

Unlike the classic emoticons that are available on most touch keyboards, the hidden TikTok emojis are not directly accessible on your keyboard. They can be activated by using specific codes that correspond to each emoji. For instance, the code for the annoying face is [sulk], which should be typed using square brackets “[ ]” and in lowercase.

Here is a list of codes for TikTok’s secret emojis:

– [smile]: smiley face
– [happy]: happy face
– [angry]: angry face
– [cry]: crying face
– [embarrassed]: embarrassed face
– [surprised]: surprised face
– [wronged]: sighing face
– [shout]: face screaming
– [flushed]: reddened face
– [yummy]: delicious face
– [complacent]: face with glasses
– [drool]: little face in love
– [scream]: the story
– [weep]: depressed face
– [speechless]: expressionless face
– [funnyface]: funny face
– [laughwithtears]: laughing face with tears
– [wicked]: evil face
– [facewithrollingeyes]: face with eyes up
– [sulk]: another annoying face
– [thinking]: thinking face
– [lovely]: kissing face
– [greedy]: face with eyes of money

What to Do If TikTok Is Not Working

Sometimes, TikTok may not work correctly due to technical glitches or connectivity issues. Here are some tips to solve the problem:

– Restart the TikTok app to correct minor errors.
– Reboot your mobile device to ensure that all applications, including TikTok, work properly.
– Make sure your internet connection is stable.
– Delete the cache of your TikTok account to prevent any issues.
– Check if TikTok has any pending updates by verifying the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).
– If the problem persists, delete the app and download it again, but make sure to save all your important information before doing so.

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