How to Upgrade Your Internet Connection Without Breaking Your Bank Account!

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Dealing with a slow internet connection when you have so much to do is frustrating. Luckily, we’re living in a time where we have solutions to every problem. Technology has allowed you to find affordable and cheaper alternatives for a slow internet connection and you’ve come to the right place looking for solutions. 

We’re going to help you bump up your internet speed without breaking your bank account, so you can enjoy the fastest internet speeds and network performance, just like the one Spectrum offers its customers. If you’re looking for an affordable internet plan that won’t let you down, get in touch with Spectrum customer service or  Servicio al cliente de Spectrum and enjoy lighting fast speeds at the best prices!

We know the strain remote work and online classes are causing your internet speed, and a good internet connection is a necessity in today’s time. So instead of splurging on horrible internet service, and looking for a new provider, we’ve got some tips you should try to upgrade your internet connection. Check them out! 

Check your router placement

The position of your router is critical for optimal network performance.  We know we tend to put the routers and modems behind bookshelves and PC monitors to hide them but little do we know that doing so is affecting the network performance of the devices. Obstacles and nearby electrical appliances hinder and deflect Wi-Fi signals significantly causing poor reception.

Choose a central location and place the router from where the Wi-Fi signals can reach every corner of the house with full strength. You’re more likely to enjoy fast internet speed and smooth connectivity when the router is placed in a central location mounted up a wall, and away from obstacles and appliances that emit microwaves and radio signals. 

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Connect an Ethernet cableclose up photography of mining rig

While wireless connections are more convenient and available in today’s digital age, they can’t beat the power of a wired connection. Cable connections are faster, safer, and more reliable than wireless ones so purchasing an Ethernet cable may do the trick for you when your Wi-Fi is acting up.  

Wired connections are less prone to interference and thus deliver a faster and stable internet connection to your devices. So if you’re connecting a laptop, gaming console, PC, or streaming box to an Ethernet cable via an Ethernet port, you can be reassured you won’t face frequent connectivity drops. 

A Wi-Fi extender always helps

If switching to a new ISP or choosing another internet plan is costly, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can always go for a cheaper alternative a purchase a Wi-Fi extender. This tiny little device is a life-changing addition to your home network setup. It’s affordable, easily available, and super-easy to install and configure. Its job is to extend the Wi-Fi signals transmitted by your router so they can reach everywhere, every corner in full strength. A Wi-Fi extender in your house, combined with a rightly-positioned router will get rid of all dead zones in your house to ensure maximum internet connectivity at all times.  

Configure network security

One of the major concerns of people living in today’s tech-advanced world is dealing with cyber-security issues. To ensure maximum network security, you must take a few precautions and one of the most important ones is putting a password on your devices and your Wi-Fi network to keep the malicious attackers, hackers, and outsiders away from draining your internet bandwidth. 

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Make sure the password is at least 8 characters long with no easy-to-guess numbers, names, addresses, or data. 

Disconnect inactive devices

One of the fastest ways to drain your internet speed and slow down network performance is by keeping all inactive and unused devices connected. Disconnect the devices not in use anymore and notice how fast your router performance gears up. Any gaming consoles, monitors, laptops, or smart home devices you don’t use, disconnect them instantly. Chances are they’re sucking up most of your internet speed pointlessly and hindering network performance. 

As a result,

These tips will instantly boost your internet speed and deliver a much better network performance before you think of switching to another ISP or splurging on another costly internet plan. 

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